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#everydayifindnewpussy started as a declaration of individual femininity and sexuality.

I have been concerned with these issues all my conscious life. Self-identification as a woman occurred at several stages. For a long time, I was resisting my reality of being a woman, successively going through various waves of feminism. The project marked my transition to the third one. Having got rid of inner misogyny, accepting myself as a woman and at the same time not feeling like a person of the second sex, I proclaim my personal femininity with its all possible options, without trying to integrate into any gender concept of what a woman "should" be.
This project is both a joke and a challenge, an opposition to the Freudian concept of the penis beneficial for patriarchal society. By photographing different objects that resemble a vulva, I try to draw the viewer into the game, in the search for the feminine principle in everything, thus paying attention to the important problems of women's invisibility, the attitude to them as "second-rate" people. At the same time, I choose completely different objects without getting stuck in flowers and fruits motives – delicate and beautiful images, replicated in pop culture. This is also a metaphor for accepting myself as I am: strong and weak, gentle and tough, uncomfortable and sexy.

A declaration of a woman's right to be herself, to love herself, free from the existing stereotypes.

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2018, Minsk
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