Dasha Buben (1982) was born in Gomel, Belarus.
In 2010, she finished Belarusian State Academy of Arts. She worked as a photographer and art director for several independent magazines focusing on social problems, feminism, and LGBTQ rights.
During this time, she made personal art projects using photography as the main medium. Because of her activism and work in independent media, she had to leave Belarus since she never felt safe in the current Belarusian regime.
In 2016, she finished Warsaw Academy of Photography. During 2016-2020, she worked with topics of domestic abuse, feminism, body-positivity, and women's health.
In 2020, after the dramatic protests in Belarus, abstraction became the main form of her artistic expression. She uses paint- ing and drawing as the main medium of her work. The focus of her artistic research moved to emotions, physiological states, overcoming trauma, mental health. . She had personal shows in Vienna and Warsaw and participated in group shows in Belarus, Ukraine, Germany.

She lives and works in Berlin, Germany.

Academy of Photography, Warsaw, Poland
Belarusian State Academy of Arts, Minsk, Belarus

Personal exhibitions:
2024 "Recognition in Colors" Donde Gallery, Warsaw, Poland
2021 "Control Attempt" Art Gallery Poznanska24, Warsaw, Poland
2018 "Survivor" OSCE, Vienna, Austria

Selected group exhibitions:

2024 'Fight or Flight" StadtWERKSTATT Friedrichshain-Kreuzberg, Berlin, Germany

2024 “Culterim | Studio Show | Herzbergstraße” Culterim Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2023 "Gruss aus Biesenthal"Culterim Gallery, Berlin, Germany
2023 "Mind Over Matter" Staromiejski Dom Kultury, Warsaw, Poland
2023 "Hidden Actions" Flow Art House, Warsaw, Poland
2022 "Connections" Flow Art House, Warsaw, Poland
2021 "Gray Mandorla Manifest" Gray Mandorla Studio, Poznan, Poland
2020 "Be a lady", Month of photography in Minsk, Conserva, Brest, Belarus
2019 "100 Flag", Biuro Wystaw, Warsaw, Poland
2018 "Traditional values", Gallery Y, Minsk, Belarus
2017 "#opentolive" Cult. Center Courpus, Minsk, Belarus
2017 "Art of Female Orgasm", Toronto-Kiev, Kiev, Ukraine

Festivals & Fairs:
2023 BAAM #6, Berlin, Germany
2023 BAAM#5, Berlin, Germany
2017 Vulica Brazil Fest, Minsk, Belarus

2023 VANHA PAUKKU Artist Residency in Lapua, Finland
2023 Culterim Gallery Residency in Biesenthal, Germany

2023 Mobility Grant by Danish Cultural Institute, European Commission

Works are in public collections in Finland and Poland as well in private collections in Belarus, Lithuania, Ukraine, Poland, Germany, USA, Japan, Russia, Georgia, UK, Malta, Spain

Warsaw 2021
Artist Statement
My recent work focuses on mental states and mental health. Inspiration comes from personal experiences, keen observations of reality, and extensive research. I use art as a healing practice, and through it, I capture the essence of overcoming trauma and navigating life with conditions such as depression and anxiety.
Within my artistic journey, color assumes a dual role—both as a coding system and a form of cure. Each hue symbolizes the diverse range of emotional states and mental landscapes. My palette becomes a language through which I communicate the narratives of pain, resilience, and transformation. The apparent simplicity of my art serves as a contrast to the complexity, confusion, and lack of clarity that I have to live with every day, being depressed.
In this journey of self-discovery and collective understanding, my work seeks to destigmatize and normalize discussions surrounding mental health.
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