Conversations with My Inner Child
"Conversations with My Inner Child" is a series of drawings that emerged from the artist's personal experience with depression. Employing a healing technique used in therapy, the artist engaged in internal dialogues with their inner child while protecting themselves from the inner critic. The drawings explore profound topics often dismissed in today's power-driven and consumer-centric world: love, kindness, harmony, beauty.
Vibrant color pencils were chosen as the medium to reconnect with the artist's childhood and evoke the uninhibited creativity associated with that time. The abstract fluid shapes in the drawings have no concrete borders, symbolizing the ever-evolving nature of the artist's internal dialogue. The vibrant color gradients used in the compositions draw inspiration from nature and the uninhibited expressions found in children's drawings. Each drawing is accompanied by a numbered name, signifying the amount of time dedicated to its creation.
"Conversations with My Inner Child" is a testament to the healing potential of art and invites viewers to embrace vulnerability, reconnect with their inner child, and contemplate the significance of love, kindness, and beauty in their own lives. Through a harmonious blend of vibrant colors and abstract forms, this series creates a visual language that speaks to the transformative power of self-reflection and artistic expression.

Berlin, 2023
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